Psychotherapy in Vienna

Peter Graff, MA, PhD, provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and groups as well as psychotherapeutic counseling and coaching for individuals, organizations and, companies. His approach is focused and solution-oriented. You may see significant improvements in your mental health after just a few sessions.


Individual Therapy


Couples Therapy


Group Therapy


Counseling and Coaching


Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy tailored to your needs

In individual therapy, there is ample time for us to discuss the issues most important to you. Based on thorough diagnostics, you will examine dysfunctional patterns in your thinking, feeling, and behavior. Together you will develop strategies that gradually replace these patterns with functional, adaptive, and healthy alternatives.

Therapy Session

Couples Therapy

Addressing problems in partnership and friendship

In couples therapy, you will work on improving your relationship. You will explore your joint and separate histories and find solutions to your present problems. Both romantic and platonic relationships can benefit from couples therapy. Peter Graff, MA, PhD, is proud to welcome members of all sexual and gender identities in his practice.


Group Therapy

Together for more mental health

Psychotherapy in a group setting is highly effective. Acceptance, understanding, and a sense of belonging enhance the therapeutic process. Important social skills are strengthened by working together in a group. Please email for current group offerings.


Counseling and Coaching

Psychotherapeutic expertise for your challenges

Counseling and coaching can help you with non-clinical issues. Peter Graff, MA, PhD, is happy to support you in overcoming life crises, major challenges, and conflicts. He can also help you further your personal development through providing you with counseling and coaching.


If you think psychotherapy is right for you, schedule your first appointment today.