Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy based on the science of learning. According to CBT, problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors have been learned from experience. Through CBT we aim to unlearn and replace them healthier alternatives.

What are extraordinary personalities?

Extraordinary personalities allow people to lead extraordinary lives filled with rich experiences and creativity. The precondition for this is a high degree of self-awareness. Peter Graff, MA, PhD, specializes in helping people with extraordinary personalities, personality disorders, and personality accentuations achieve this state of mental clarity, and improve their mental health.

When can therapy help?

Peter Graff, MA, PhD, can treat you for any mental health issue that is not a medical or mental health emergency. He can also help you cope with crises, major life challenges, and relationship problems. Finally, he can aid you in your personal development through counseling and coaching.

How long does psychotherapy take?

Peter Graff, MA, PhD, works in a focused and solution-oriented manner. Depending on your issue, you may see significant improvements in your mental health after just a few sessions. A regular session lasts 50 minutes, with 5 minutes reserved for scheduling and payment processing. In certain cases it may also be appropriate to schedule longer sessions.

Is therapy confidential?

Psychotherapy is subject to strict confidentiality under Austrian law. Whatever you tell your therapist stays between you and them, except in certain rare cases, such as when there is an imminent danger to yourself or others.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The fastest way to make an appointment is to schedule online. You may also call or email to make an appointment. If no one answers the phone you will receive a call back as soon as possible.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You will not be charged for appointments canceled at least 48 hours before the start of the session. Please understand that appointments that are not canceled in time must be paid in full.

What is the cost of therapy?

Peter Graff, MA, PhD, charges 100 euros for each 50-minute individual therapy session. Couples therapy is 150 euros per 50-minute session. Group therapy costs 50 euros per participant and 50-minute session. Sliding scale fees may be agreed upon for patients in need on a case by case basis.

What about COVID-19?

Peter Graff, MA, PhD, follows strict precautions to maximize your safety during the pandemic. These precautions include compulsory FFP2-masks, hand disinfection upon entry, two meters physical distance, air purification with a HEPA filter, and frequent ventilation. Peter Graff, MA, PhD was vaccinated for the third time on October 22, 2021 with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Despite the pandemic, psychotherapy can still take place in person.

Is it possible to have therapy online?

In certain cases it may be possible to treat you online although the first session must always take place in person. Peter Graff, MA, PhD, is always able to provide counseling or coaching online for non-clinical issues.

What do I do in case of a mental health emergency?

Peter Graff, MA, PhD, does not treat emergencies in his practice. In case of a mental health emergency (e.g., imminent danger to yourself or others), please call the Austrian medical emergency services immediately at the telephone number 144 or dial the common emergency telephone number 112.

Please feel free to get in touch in case you have any further questions or concerns.